Robby Soave breaks down new data on hate crimes.

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  1. Lol. “None of that is actually true*

    Disclaimers: actual numbers not used, excludes homicides, based on telephone interviews, ignores other evidence, don’t rely on a single report, crime might no be accurately captured, there is no reliable data.

    But none of these disclaimers will stop the young intrepid reporter from using it to declare that the media is lying.

    Don’t worry, it’s okay to smear Asians because nothing came of it (see disclaimers above). But how dare you smear Republicans or trump for smearing Asians!

  2. I literally had family friends that are Asian, and got vandalized over this period.
    They just didn’t report it.

    They lived in the area for years prior with no incident.
    However, I would suspect the culprits were black.
    I also directly know of an Asian that was car jacked. This was don’t by black kids as well.

  3. Trump was right. Our best chance to stop Covid was early on, when China was denying it was a thing. It was in a small area at the time. Now it is too late. The virus is well on It's way to becoming seasonal. People who think we will somehow get to zero (zero deaths, infections, and so on) are delusional.

    It also didn't help that they politicized it when Trump was trying to get ahead of the virus. The travel restrictions weren't racism. Like they were trying to claim with the "Come on down to China Town" thing.

  4. I didn’t find Trump to be racist on this statement and neither did my Korean relatives. Most of the hate crimes against Asians are from BLM which started before the pandemic, saying we were “the next white people.” They used the pandemic as a justification to beat up Asian Americans.

  5. I said this months ago, i live in nyc many asian people run stores in various neighborhoods from poor to rich..none of them had issues from deep black poor neighborhoods to rich affluent white ones from the top of bronx to the end of long island i travel for work as a field engineer and my friends live all over one as far out as huntington station this story has always been bs.

  6. The young political pundit has "the look" but how long are they going to keep him as he consistently stumbles over his words, stops mid-sentence and speaks as if he has rocks in his mouth. Get someone a little more polished which used to be a requirement back in the day when people had real journalistic training and credentials.

  7. I have a relitive who is Asian and born in USA, she had experienced acts of rudeness when Trump amped up his China rhetoric. The China government does not represent all Asians and the people in China. Also my sons Japanese Teacher was brutally attacked in daylight, in a normally safe area while a Caucasian man. She landed in the hospital and couldn’t teach while healing for face fractures. I am not on the MSM train of propaganda for either party. Just saying, if your white you would be surprised unless you spend time with Asian’s and see up close what happens.

  8. Thank you guys for being honest here.
    I'm around a lot of different people & somehow never hear this "Asian hate" from them & for that matter; all
    I hear is people bending over BACKWARD to applaud Asian & Black people in a way that is almost uncomfortable in it's
    And that btw, is not to say that there aren't racists of ALL races out there, but from what I have seen over the course of many years is that it's a very small portion of people who are lacking in sophistication.
    The media who are paid shills for the party of the day; are race baiting in such an obvious way that it's insulting.