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  1. Beijing Betty trying to spread this cancer to the US

    If “communism” is so great why are people in Cuba rising up Against it ?

    What about Venezuelan citizens feeling from that “socialist paradise” .

    If people like her believe this ideology so much, they should either go to China or North Korea

    Ans see just how great it is.

  2. They are the teacher unions! That's how they churn out new voters. Like that saying "Liberal when young n stupid, Rep. when older and smart, with life experience". Can't remember the actual "saying" but that's the idea of it. Hence why they attacked the parents who threatened them, just like any commie tyrant. Now they are rushing as fast as they can to get these illegals shipped to the battleground states (+others) and giving them status etc. fk they prob have them sign a blank piece of paper that latter gets printed into a mail in ballot.

    They know when they lose next time starting in /22 they will have serious legal problems, followed by a super minority that will last so long the Democrats kids would grow old observing it. The Eff_Bi/See_Eye_A will get audited and restructured after the criminals are charged. Etc. etc.

    They are not planning to lose, and sadly if /20 elec.s arent dealt with before then, they prob won't. This recent few, was left alone for the most part so as not to call attention, possibly speeding up the audits, and new ones. Theres not much time left before they can toss all the info. And it will set pressident, for all other audit attempts moving forward.

  3. I have been saying that for 5 years that is what is going on in Australia, Canada. and many other country's have recently been taken over financially by China. Venezuela has fallen and their elections have been tallied the same way the last US election was done. It is here. we see their plan and the moves they are making and the cause and effect. Now its a matter of people to just say no!