House Budget Committee chairman John Yarmuth’s (D-Ky.) announcement this week that he will not seek another term presaged a critical period in the run-up to next year’s midterm elections as members of Congress contemplate whether to run for re-election in a difficult political environment or to call it quits and move to a new phase in life.




  1. Great News! The GOP could win the Congress by a Super Majority and still would not seize the moment to put the Republic back on Track by changing laws and strengthening the Constitution so this Socialist/ Communist Coup will never happen again!

  2. They mean better right? The left has been in charge for like the past decade Has anyone seen how dangerous the cities have become? Or even the polices that follow? Philadelphia just passed a law where they can’t pull people over anymore for “minor offenses”. NYC and Philadelphia are losing their populace by large chunks because of soft crime policies based on bs racial biases. Not all democrats are bad but theres more than black people and Hispanics who live in the us that need to be payed attention to. The discussion needs to be more inclusive to the actual representation of the population. My friend thought the US was half black….they aren’t even 14% of the population but they are the constant topic lol. The left forgot about the common man but cries about unity. How can there be unity if you discount the heritage and traditions of the “white community” because of bs politics. And they say the right is divisive…the left doesn’t allow for culture but screams culture appropriation…if they did cancel culture wouldn’t exist. Another Divisive leftist idea.