Surely, MSNBC contributor Brittany Packnett Cunningham was pleased by the outcome of the trial of the men charged in the death of Ahmaud Arbery. But the focus of her comments on MSNBC on Wednesday night leaves you wondering whether she saw the verdicts as complicating her task of painting the United States as irretrievably racist. You can’t ever feel better about it.

Interviewed by guest host Jonathan Capehart on The 11th Hour, Cunningham never once mentioned that a virtually all-white jury in a Deep South state had convicted all three defendants of murder. Instead, Cunningham downplayed the verdicts as “literally the very least we are owed.”

Cunningham concentrated instead on everything she sees as wrong with America. Thus, she decried the acquittal of police officer Darren Wilson for what she called the “murder” of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. This despite the Justice Department run by Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, having cleared Wilson, finding “no credible evidence that Wilson willfully shot Brown as he was attempting to surrender or was otherwise not posing a threat.”

Obama/Holder: white supremacist racists, too?

Capehart also asked Cunningham to comment on the column by Charles Blow of the New York Timeswho called Kyle Rittenhouse a “murderer” despite his acquittal on all charges—in which he claimed that there are other Rittenhouses out there. Cunningham fervently agreed, saying:

Jonathan Capehart Brittany Packnett Cunningham MSNBC The Last Word 11-24-21“It is a sure fact that there are other Kyle Rittenhouses out there. And we know that they’re out there because many of their parents are marching into school board meetings as we speak trying to make sure that the history of this country is not taught.”

In other words, parents who object to their children being indoctrinated with Critical Race Theory are racists who are raising tomorrow’s Rittenhouses.

Chalk this one up under “no instance of justice goes unpunished.” Telling America that no matter what happens, the country remains…

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