Robby Soave breaks down new footage showing President Biden leaving a D.C. restaurant in violation of the city’s mask mandate.

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  1. I went to a movie theater last week with my husband, we were asked to show proof of vaccination which we did we were asked to keep a mask on the entire time which we were happy to do, we sat down next to one another with nobody else on either side of us an usher came over and told us that we had to sit one seat apart. I was shocked I explained that we live together and we’re on a date she said if we didn’t like it we were welcome to leave and that is precisely what we did, we were calm and respectful about it but even so others around us started clapping and filming us as if we had done something wrong. We don’t get many nights out together as he works in a restaurant, when I got out of the theatre I started crying. I don’t know why I guess maybe because I think everyone’s gone mad.

  2. Yes, the problem is people have to eat quickly that is what is expected since restaurants have to make money so they are allowed to open otherwise most restaurants who can survive on take out are still doing that… having said that kids are wearing masks for the whole day in public schools so people in power doing this is questionable. Even though kids themselves don't get that sick with COVID they are actually protecting their teachers by wearing a mask.

  3. I generally wear a mask for social conformity, but I worry about children. Their jaws and facial structure is still malleable and not fixed. Will wearing an elasticated mask lead to facial deformity. Is wearing brace does, why wouldn’t a mask affect facial structure too.

  4. Omg!!! Everyone is going to catch Covid eventually – mask or no mask, vax or no vax!!! It's ridiculous!! People need to stop being afraid to breath. I got covid from my vaccinated husband who is required to wear a mask at his job at all times! I was fine, he ended up in the hospital.

  5. I know we are all absolutely crazy about Kim Iversen but you have to admit Robbie Soave and Ryan Grim are not just improving daily but hourly. If she were to leave the show I'd still tune in. I was not crazy about Mr. Grim initially but the acclimation process is working well for him. He has my vote. Maybe Kim is such a powerful personality these two are infected by her like a (ahem) virus.