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  1. I am so tired of all this bs. Why r we letting them getting away with this abuse? Everyone who is committing a crime gets away with it while the real criminals r walking free. Where r the lawyers for the people who r in jail for all these months? If it were me sitting in jail for all those months. When I get out I would sue every single person who was responsible for my rights taken away from me. Meanwhile BLM getting away with threats of more riots? The world is gone mad! I wouldn’t put up with this shit.

  2. This has been a GRIFT from the very beginning!! The Name Alone is the grift. The organization does nothing for the people that it pretends to care for. The words that Black Lives Matter stand for OF COURSE, Black Lives Matter!! The organization BLM, complete hustle & grift!! They have done nothing for the black lives they pretend to represent!

  3. Sad part is the left gaslights their viewers the exact same thing but that conservatives are somehow as an ideology the most dangerous thing to Americans and the rest of the world. Extreme right wingers are SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than extreme left wingers. Perspective is easy to manipulate when there is only a unilateral notion of right and wrong.

  4. Hell, let BLM turn NY into a shithole. After they destroy their own homes, rioters will move to other states where people will help them "find out" about their "fucking around". I just wish my hometown Denver would actively cast out the newcomers from ANTIFA

  5. Sorry I'm a conservative but ima have to call you out on some misinformation. As much as I hate anything BLM, Their NY Leader stated and was talking about NYC's Anti crime unit which isnt just normal cops/patrols…. You left this information out and with your level of journalism and the "cords" you are trying to pluck, Id say it was intentional to get a better rise out of your viewers… Not a good look and definitely losing some respect… You should be setting the example.

  6. Black Lives Matter MURDERED my best friend's Niece and left her in the street with her two children holding on to her after they walked up on her yelling BLACK LIVES MATTER! this scared the two children and when she bent down to calm the kids according to witnesses one of the SCUM shot her in the back of the head and ran off. No arrest were made and NO REAL INVESTIGATION was done in that Leftist Controlled city. Screw BLM. I hope they think twice before playing around with violence in the streets again. The public will stand up.