Sen. John Barrasso slams a Biden administration proposal requiring financial institutions to report more information about bank accounts to the IRS, in cases where the accounts had more than $600 in withdrawals and deposits in a year. Senate Democrats are planning to increase that threshold to $10,000 and exempt wage income, a Democratic aide told The Hill.




  1. He is so full of “sh…. I used to vote for republicans but since they increased our deficits by trillions and now refuse to pay the bills the approved of. During trumpty-dumpty administration, listen to and vote for large pharma, corporate welfare and any and all things that obstruct our government moving forward addressing current issues I know vote for the reasonable representative that will promote democracy in government.

  2. If I want to give my child or boyfriend or cousin $100, $200, $600/ month and support them that's my already taxed $ and I can do what I want with it! As well if my housemate wants to give me half of the monthly expenses so I can pay the bills on time and know they're paid then you can't tax that!! How dare you want to try to tax that $ again!!!!

  3. Barrasso & 18 other "republicans" support Joe Biden's infrastructure bill which will further tax the working people. It's really a UniParty of sorts with objections to a fraction of what's in these bills. Barrasso, "Get behind your president (Joe Biden)"!!

  4. The Republicans in Congress are spreading lies as reported by the WSJ: "Some frequent arguments, including some from Republican lawmakers, about the proposal are untrue, namely that the IRS would get data about individual transactions. Final details aren’t set, but the emerging plan would just require reporting of two numbers for each account—gross inflows and gross outflows. The IRS could, as it does now, get more detailed transaction data during an audit."

    The truth is, returning funding to the IRS will give them more resources to go after Republican and Corporate DemocRat rich donors who are non tax compliant through their ability to hire teams of tax lawyers. Congress and other elected Republicans throw out the words liberty and freedom to con ordinary people into voting against their own interests.

  5. Stop throwing wrenches into Biden's works Mr Barrasso. Don't prejudge him wishfully. Biden still has long ways to go in his presidential work. Judge and condemn Trump who finished by attempting to destroy United States democracy if you truly care about America. Now, that's an awfully woeful FAILURE REPORT CARD!