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  1. Trump promised in his agreement with the Taliban that we would be out by May 2021 if they stopped killing our soldiers.
    Biden got it extended to October, but we were to be coming under attack, due to that agreement, if we did not leave by Oct.
    Staying longer would have meant more troops killed and injured, moving more troops in, more equipment, etc.
    It was costing us over $300 million per day to be there. There are much better ways that money can be spent!
    I think he made the right decision.
    The really bad decision made was Trump demanding that the Afghans release 5,000 Taliban prisoners! They could have maybe held their own had that not been done.

    Saying he's comfortable with the DOJ settling with families in which they are currently in litigation with is not the same thing as saying they will give $450,000 to every individual in families that were separated.

  2. I'm so tired of them saying that they were thousands of American Afghani citizens left behind there were only 5500 Afghan civilians that actually helped the Americans during the twenty years that we were there but he decides to bring in thousands of potential terrorists into our country and into our own backyard