Kim Iversen details shocking poll numbers that show a large number of Americans want part of the country to secede.

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  1. The current communistic, totalitarian administration is pushing us towards this "war" at an alarming rate. I hope the 2022 elections can put it back on course…but another year of obiden unchecked may cause irreparable damages before then if this 1st year is any indication!

  2. We need states' rights to overrule federal law. Texas should be allowed to manufacture and sell suppressors within their state, and even legalize all machine guns if they wanted to. It's literally not the federal government's business. States probably need stronger borders to protect their interests but otherwise no reason the original design of the United States can't work. Each state is supposed to be their own country essentially to begin with. The real problem will be taking legislative power back from corporations / billionaires and forcing state representatives to actually represent their constituents.

  3. If fedgov attempts to "embargo" or otherwise threaten a state not capable of withstanding the pressure, other aligned states will come to its aid. And that will help to build a coalition of states against fedgov. Current examples of this can be found in the EU with Hungary and Poland. Kim Iversen began the conversation in a surprisingly intelligent way…and then it quickly devolved.