Biden Job Approval Falls DRAMATICALLY

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  1. 1 we do not have the technology to do anything about climate change that would be significant if we are the cause of it and not just the Earth's cycles 2 I wish somebody would show me some of this systemic racism so I could sue since we have so many laws on the books and I could use some money to pay for all the rising prices of my goods and services that I need

  2. People only voted for Biden because they didn't like Trump's obnoxiousness. Trump would have gotten re-elected in a landslide if he wasn't so bombastic and stopped with all the worthless Tweets. I fully understand the mainstream media treated him unfairly and Obama's corrupt FBI illegally spied on him using a fabricated dossier, but he didn't need to Tweet about Fake News and a witchhunt every 5 seconds.

  3. All they need to do for future elections, make them all call ins, you'll need to enter your socal security number, and drivers license, that should pull up your address, then you vote.
    Banks do this with our accounts, why not the elections????
    Think about how easier voting would be, calculations can be live going, leaving no room for corruption.