Tucker Carlson discusses ICE stopping deportation after an ‘Abolish ICE’ activist’s request on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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  1. We have a madman at the helm. I'm begging for our Congress etc. TO DO SOMETHING. Surely the number of attorneys that truly love America can find a legal way to exit those that openly do harm to America. Even the domestic terrorists such as Joe Biden. Please.

  2. By the time the very slow and distracted American public figures out Joe Biden is a Communist that is ordered by threat of blackmail exposure with destroying America, it will be too late to save her. America is destined to become just another Vassar State of Peking's, who's secret plan of mass extermination of all non-Asians people in America's own re-location camps through out our land is too far fetched for them to even consider. All they want to know is "what time is the Big Game on?"

  3. It seems as if the Democrats saw that Trump and the American people were serious: We truly wanted to ‘drain the Swamp’ and take our country back. They have responded in mirror-image kind and are pulling out all the stops…playing their hand openly. There is no hiding their disdain for the average citizen nor their cherished hope to replace us. Regarding Biden’s disregard of our southern border – Laura Ingraham asked a question several months ago that now is urgent: “When does this become an impeachable offense?”

  4. When I was King my Jinns would set all trespassers on fire who dared to enter the Kingdom. I have such blissful, beautiful memories of a time when your species actually believed in God. Now you put yourselves above God believing you can change the bible without being thrown into hell for eternity. Stupid Ignorant Humans!

  5. "Someone should stand up for the country and do it right away."
    Well, that's not going to happen because the Marxist Democrats are in control now. OPEN borders means NO borders and NO borders means NO country. THAT'S what they stand for. Blame a Biden voter. THAT'S what they VOTED for. The rest of the country just stood by and watched.
    God, save us from the Democrats.

  6. You have to understand what really is the fraudulent administration trying to do.
    They promote defunding the police and forcing the military to take the shot.
    They want to replace them with foreign criminals, delinquents, abusers, and genocidal terrorists, in order to be able to massacre the American people once they get to establish their communist (fascist) dictatorship.
    Those are the real intentions !
    That's what communist dictatorships have done around the world historically.

  7. I wanna go back in time and deport all the migrated parents who gave birth to the republicans, who want families to break under the excuse of immigration. I wish you all were born in a third world countries and suffer the hunger and cruelty. God is watching all. Fear God

  8. I blame Pelosi and Biden. Mrs "Diversity is our strength", Nancy Pelosi, (And her buddies on the 9th District Circuit courts) spent 4 years constantly blocking and delaying Trump from building the wall that could have helped prevent this whole situation. Then Mr, "We need a relentless and constant flow of immigration" advocate, Joe Biden stopped construction and reversed the Stay in Mexico policy which then triggered the flood of illegal immigrants we've been dealing with ever since.
    As far as I'm concerned, Nancy Pelosi in particular is one of the most nasty, evil, childish, vindictive people in power. She has earned the distinction of being one of the earliest architects of the eventual downfall of this country.

  9. YouTube has become a propaganda and censorship arm of the Democratic Communist Party. PLEASE COPY AND SHARE THIS MESSAGE ANY WAY POSSIBLE! This will not be easy but please band together. All Americans and all world citizens are urged to transfer their videos to open and free speech platforms. Then delete your materials from YouTube, delete your YouTube accounts, and delete YouTube software from ALL devices such as personal computers, cell phones, smart TVs, and any other devices. Protect our freedom of speech! Send a clear signal to big tech and the Democratic Communist Party. Freedom will prevail. God Bless America!