Laura Morris discusses her protest in front of the Loudoun County school board on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’
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  1. When all the teachers quit that don’t believe in the leftist agenda then the only ones left to teach kids are the ones who fully embrace the leftist ideology. When that happens there will only be one school of though taught to kids and that’s leftism. Thankfully this has not happened yet and I hope instead of quitting more teachers speak out against this ideology and refuse to partake in it and instead just teach math, reading&writing, true science, real history, true art, actual health and do on. Be a beacon of hope rather than extinguish hope

  2. Tucker… You're great at what you do… but do you ever ask at what cost? At some point, you have to realize no amount of ratings or pay will be worth the effort that will be needed to correct your lies and the resulting division and hate. In case you don't believe me – see a compilation of clips from your career: @

  3. Awesome. Thank you dear lady for being brave and standing up for what’s right!!! Now, if only millions more will follow your lead, maybe the push back could slow down this tyranny that is engulfing our nation.

    Thank you also, Tucker Carlson. Please leave Fox and go on your own.

  4. Love your race, the world is envious of white beauty. Preserve your heritage, because the world hates you if you're of Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic, or Celtic. It's fine if you're a Mediterranean but that's still European, but if you look Aryan then people want nothing more than to see your race extinct. Never stop fighting back and rising up.

  5. The Big question is who has the power to make this awful racist polictical agenda.
    How is it? Who is doing it? What is their agenda, and why. What is the policies and procedures who force this on our teachers, our publiv?
    What happened to equality for all?
    How is this polictical agenda accepted and promoted in our country with the laws we have?
    How is it legal? Why are they not in jail? And who are they?

  6. My kids have had many white Christian women who were wonderful teachers. We are all very grateful for them. We're all atheists but, they never pushed an agenda on us. These statists are doing what they accuse others of doing and its vile. Its insulting to the intelligence that they expect us all to go along with it.