In its first week, Mindy Kaling’s new streaming HBO Max comedy The Sex Lives of College Girls went overboard on woke virtue signaling and liberal name-dropping. On Thanksgiving Day, three more episodes were released and, in one episode, the spotlight was on woke feminists – specifically, defending their use of pronouns and safe spaces.

The show centers around four freshman college girls who share a dorm together at prestigious Essex College in New England. Leighton (Renee Rap) is the mean girl who was previously called the Melania of the group and is a closeted lesbian. In episode 3, “Le Tuteur,” she’s doing community service at the school’s Women’s Center because she was caught drinking and vandalizing school property.

As she introduces herself at the center, she stirs up trouble by not falling in line with the use of pronouns and a “safe space” bell. Their over-sensitivity comes off as ridiculous and comical to normal viewers, but Leighton’s put in her place by the leader, Alicia (Midori Francis), because it “really does help people” and disrespecting the sharing of pronouns “makes you suck” and “sound like a really dumb, cis bitch:”

Ginger: I love that Susan B. Anthony is being honored in the Essex Portrait Gallery. I’m just saying, the artist clearly enhanced the size of her breasts.

Lindsay: Maybe it’s symbolic of her female power.

Tova: Or maybe she actually had a huge rack. How would we know?

Leighton: Hey. I’m Leighton. I got caught underage drinking. That’s why I have to work here.

Ginger: I’m Ginger. She, her, hers.

Lindsay: Lindsay. She, her, hers.

Alicia: Alicia. She, her, hers.

Tova: Tova. They, them, theirs.

Leighton: Hmm. Oh, right. Sure. Well, I’m she. Obviously.

Alicia: Cool. I oversee all the volunteers.

Leighton: Oh, great. Should we talk scheduling? Um, I was thinking that I would work mornings from 9:30 to 10:15-ish, and then, you know, round that up to an hour, for timesheet purposes.


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