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  1. Sadly, Kamala's career is not over. Biden will never last till January 2025, and when he is removed from office because of health reasons, (mental or physical), or dies of his Alzheimer's, Harris will become the first woman President. Thanks Democrats!

  2. The Democrat train wreck keeps on rolling down hill. The only question that remains is how much down hill is left? Obama set the scene for the party by finding ways to spend billions without accomplishing squat. Biden/Harris have taken the lead and done that by wasting Trillions of dollars. The show isn't over though, they are doing their best to out do even that

  3. Yeah it’s nice you made this effort to make a new story or one is not the vice president is in control of nothing and less by the grace of God Biden gets murdered or does the honorable thing and dies. It is totally racist the woman is proud of her heterosexuality she’s proud of her oral skills which makes some people jealous. She is only 10 times more qualified for president then creepy hair sniffing child molesting sodomize your own son molester own daughter Biden
    Between his sons computer and his daughters diary you got an open homosexual bisexual between sodomizing Hunter and starting to final his daughter starting at age 8 and going into her teenage years. The idiocy of touching in the popularity of Harris is total idiocy. So let’s focus to poopy pants I mean Joe Biden the president elected by such a large amount of people that they had to destroy the voter fraud on 25 December in Nashville Christmas Day.
    Then they had to cheat in over five states with blatant open fraud protected by a crooked court wake up people just wake up polls mean nothing what they do mean something