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  1. I think Tatums mad cuz hes a cop. Theres more important things to worry about than this guy being arrogant and not wanting a ticket. No need to pick his whole life apart for this. Hopefully he shows the same tolerance he expects, to drivers he pulls over when the roles are reversed

  2. I always explain to my wife that my grandparents and whether or not I would take you with me to see them for the holidays is a judge of how good your character is. What would my grandparents think? Grandpa is a Reverend with a doctorate in theology. They would love you, Tatum. I know this comment is kinda weird but just wanted to say. You've got grade A character. The only reason I follow your videos. The world needs more Tatums.

  3. Nothing I hated more when I was in law enforcement than people being an ass like this when they got stopped, it was always a ticket because they were never going to change. With this situation impeachment or getting the US Marshals office involved is the only way to get him under control. He should know better and should have acted better and co-operated during the stop and it would have went much better and faster. It honestly should not have mattered that it was being recorded or not it should not affect the way you act.

  4. I absolutely despise the fact that officers use the badge to get out of citations. I've spent years listening to them brag about it. As a former fire chief I got a call from a sheriff friend of mine, he told me he caught one of my guys speeding and my guy had badged the deputy to get out of trouble. We had a great working relationship with the SO and the deputy had courtesy called me about this . I told the deputy to write him and I would deal with him . When he came on duty I suspended him for 2 weeks for conduct unbecoming. We had literally just talked about that at a department meeting a couple weeks before this incident took place. If the deputy had known him and decided to let him off that's one thing, but using that badge or position for power is absolutely a POS move.