Washington Examiner’s Selena Zito discusses Biden’s comments on oil drilling on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ #FoxNews

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  1. Yeah "build back better" he hasn't the skills to build a snow cone on his own. Let alone pretend to even remotely be in charge of his own position of office.

    As far as this fossil fuel B.S they won't admit we only have 42 years predicted left of oil, so on one aspect of this "Drama" they're scrambling to make changes many will follow billions will NOT…either jump on the train or fall behind…Afghanistan seems to be all about lithium mines for China to strip for all the battery's we will need for cars, toys and solar storage…what happens to the poisons produced during and after these battery's eventually fail?

  2. Biden LIES about giving "subsidies for fossil fuels"…
    The Fossil Fuel industry does not receive subsidies…
    The Fossil Fuel industry PAYS TAXES.
    The Fossil Fuel Industry funds the government.
    Maybe the Fossil Fuel Industry should declare they are not going to pay taxes until they receive a "SUBSIDY".
    Kind of like, shake the ladder that Biden's standing on. Just to get his attention.

  3. We have no leadership. They are completely incompetent. How the hell can people allow themselves to be propagated to believe Joe was going to get us on track. I don’t see any of my liberal friends spewing how proud they are of their president on social media.

  4. Wake up folks. Tucker is paid opposition. He only makes commentary on "safe topics"
    He is part of the elite media not reporting the news. Tucker, along with the media elites ARE RESPONSIBLE for the crap going gn in this country. No wonder Fox has comments turned off.

  5. If they were serious about climate change instead of sending billions of dollars overseas every year that money would have been used to put solar panels on every home that wants them and an electric car in every driveway. But instead they send our money overseas with zero accountability to what these countries do with our money. Help Americans are get the hell out of office. They act like they want a civil war but the left doesn't own guns for the most part so that would be foolish, they wouldn't last very long bringing a knife to a gun fight. I know I have my list ready.