With a dry northeast monsoon dominating over southern China for most of the month, November was marked by dry and sunny weather in the city, the Hong Kong Observatory said today.


The monthly total sunshine duration amounted to 233.3 hours, approximately 35% above the normal figure of 172.3 hours.


The monthly rainfall was 5.8mm, about 15% of the normal figure of 39.3mm. The accumulated rainfall up to November this year was 2,287.6mm, a deficit of about 5% compared with the normal of 2,402.4mm for the same period.


The monthly mean temperature of 22.4 degrees Celsius was near the normal figure of 22.2 degrees Celsius.


Mainly attributed to the exceptionally hot weather in September, the autumn of this year from September to November was much warmer than usual with the mean temperature reaching 26 degrees Celsius, the third highest on record for the same period.


One tropical cyclone occurred over the South China Sea and the western North Pacific in November, the Hong Kong Observatory added.

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