The parent movement scored another victory, as confirmed last night, with a vote taken by the Alabama School Board Association. That association voted to leave the National School Boards Association which brings the number to 26 states that have distanced themselves from or terminated their membership with the national organization, as noted by Christopher Rufo on Twitter.

It turns out that parents don’t appreciate being labeled as domestic terrorists and investigated by the Department of Justice. The National School Boards Association was caught red-handed with coordinating with the White House in sending a letter to DOJ asking for help in stifling parents’ participation in the education of their children. Merrick Garland came under fire for agreeing to go along with the scheme, then lying to Congress about his involvement. Garland told Congress that there was no coordination between DOJ and NSBA. Garland lied under oath to Congress when he said there was no coordination between DOJ and NSBA. Parents Defending Education obtained internal emails through a FOIA request which exposed the connection.

The National School Boards Association, like teacher unions, wields entirely too much sway with politicians and elected officials. If the parent movement can break the NSBA, perhaps there is hope down the line in breaking the teacher unions, too. If I’m not mistaken, Alabama is the twelfth state to make a break with NSBA. Other state school boards have officially distanced themselves from the organization. Alabama appears on an older list of states planning to make the move they made yesterday.

Thursday Florida school board members explained why they made a break with NSBA.

The Florida School Boards Association chose to…

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