As if it’s not enough that the American people are battling with their companies’ vaccine mandates in order to hold on to their jobs, now we have elected officials working to undermine those efforts.

Tucker Carlson did a terrific takedown of this betrayal in his December 2, 2021 broadcast:

It is clear that lawmakers, and these corporations think people are lulled into complacency over the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals stay on Joe Biden’s OSHA-dictated vaccine mandate, and the United States Missouri Eastern District Court’s injunction against the healthcare worker mandate.

However, corporations with employees over 100 are still adhering to Biden’s Executive Order 14042, and still following its guidelines. The stay issued by the 5th Circuit, and the lawsuits before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals address the OSHA mandate specifically, but not Biden’s executive order. As my colleague streiff predicted:

There was never a point at which Biden’s vaccine mandate gave even the vaguest appearance of the legitimate exercise of authority. Its purpose was to bully federal contractors into doing what Biden had ordered and give Biden’s political allies in the corporate world the necessary tool to enforce a vaccine mandate and not take the heat for it. Whether my theory is true will be readily apparent within the next week. A federal mandate that adds to costs, deprives companies of workers, and does nothing to increase safety or avoid liability should be renounced by any sane corporate management team. Those renunciations, I predict, will not be forthcoming, and that will show we’ve moved one step further down the road to tyranny.

In fact, Siemens, and a sister corporation Siemens Healthineers sent out vaccine mandate requirement emails at the end of August and early September: before Biden’s September 9, 2021 statement on EO 14042. So, in essence, corporations always knew they had carte blanche to plow ahead with their own vaccine mandates, while using the excuse of the long arm of the federal government.

As highlighted in the Siemens stories that RedState has covered here, here, here, and here, these mandates have little to do with the health of their employees, and everything to do with the corporations maintaining their relationship with the United States government. Employees are merely cogs in a wheel that can be replaced at will, but government contracts are forever—or so they want you to think.

The Siemens employees who were brave enough to step forward opened the floodgate, and we have been receiving correspondence and documentation from employees at other large corporations who are none too happy with the current state of affairs. All prefer to stay anonymous, but feel it is important to have their voices heard as well.

Here is what one IBM employee had to say:

I have resigned my position from IBM corporation as the CEO mandated vaccination in compliance with EO 14042 regardless of where you work. In my case I was working from home. You are placed on leave without pay if you are not “fully vaccinated by Dec 8th”. The CEO also stated “COVID testing is not an option ” and to obtain an exception you must be classified as “essential”.

We have medical tyranny by CEOs which is overlooked by the media. How can the CEO of a company and an EO mandate you inject an experimental drug into your body? Where are the lawsuits by Republicans against EO 14042 and CEOs implementing this? Senator Cruz tweets out EO 14042 is unconstitutional but he and Republicans do nothing about it.

Which is why political candidates looking to primary Republicans are rightly going hard against the idiots that voted with Pelosi & Co. for this federal vaccine database.

I will name and shame these turncoats, and list the people running against them, in a separate article.

The IBM employee said he contacted TX Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Grandstander), and his own N.C. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-Barely Made It). He said he received no response from Cruz. Tillis wrote him a canned response with the egregious line, “I encourage people to get vaccinated.”

CYA at its finest, and not a spine between them.

After giving me permission to use his story, Mr. former IBM employee said that,

“I was ill for over a week in February 2021, but did not get tested for COVID. I was tested (quantitatively) for COVID antibodies in October 2021 and I have them. This is another reason I do not want to be vaccinated.

“Liberty and potential health risks associated with this experimental vaccine were my main reasons for resigning. Why, if you work from home must you be vaccinated?”

He then made these salient points:

  • States such as North Carolina will not pay unemployment benefits if you lose your job over this mandate.
  • If you suffer an adverse reaction to the vaccine, no one can be held responsible.
  • Laws need to be created to restrict companies and governments from infringing on a person’s liberty.

The Constitution and its Bill of Rights should be enough of a bulwark against the government and companies, but apparently our current regime doesn’t think that is the case; so, here we are.

His final parting comment says it all:

“IBM executives claim to be apolitical, they are not. You should have seen all the glowing internal articles they wrote about the Biden administration.”

We have Siemens, IBM, and now Verizon, which is also sucking furiously at the government teat, afraid of being cut off. Ryan, a network engineer with Verizon, shared his story.

“I am a network engineer and I have NOT been into my office since April 2020. There is no need for me to go in but the company has labeled my group as ‘hybrid’ so, it would be part time.  Of course, return to work has been pushed to 2022.

“In 25 years I have NEVER met the client. Many of us just don’t understand why this should apply to us.

“I got vaccinated back in April.  I submitted my proof under protest.  I submitted the following statement to my HR reps along with the card:

I am submitting my proof of Covid-19 vaccination as requested but I am doing so under protest.  No company, as a proxy for the federal government, has the right to demand that an employee have injected into their body a drug that they may not want, may not need due to natural immunity or that violates their religious beliefs or else forfeit employment.

These mandates violate the very basic right of sovereignty over one’s own body and medical decisions.  While these vaccines may have conditional FDA clearance, they have not been rigorously tested and have resulted in thousands of serious, adverse reactions and deaths. Verizon accepts no responsibility for any employee harmed by these drugs.  

Numerous companies have decided not to penalize employees who are unvaccinated based on their medical concerns or religious objections.  Verizon has chosen not to accommodate its employees and instead has gone straight to threatening their jobs and ability to support themselves and family.”

Aquent is a staffing corporation. But, once again, with the need to work with the federal government, they feel the pressure to toe the line on Biden’s EO 14042. Kelley is with the staffing service, and he wrote to show us what Aquent has planned for its contractors.

Here’s an email I received from the CEO of the creative temp firm that I work, which is Aquent.

As you can see from this email, Aquent is taking its first steps toward enforcing an employee vaccine mandate – because the firm is a federal contractor. I have concerns about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, so I’d rather not get the shot. Plus, I work from home, having no contact with anybody (except for my cat).

On the other hand, this part-time job with Aquent is the only employment I have right now, so I would have no choice but to get vaccinated – if required – because I can’t afford to give up whatever job I have.

Aquent Vaccine Mandate Letter to Kelley. Credit: A. Michael, used with permission


The end of the email gives instructions on how contractors and employees can enter their vaccine status into the forms database by the November 30, 2021 date, but gives no concessions for medical or religious exemptions.

Honeywell International has also jumped on board the runaway vaccine mandate train. Maxine wanted to be counted among the employees who oppose this corporation’s mandate:

I just read the above article. The part about the Siemens employee hit home. Honeywell Intl Inc has been having regular “As The Doctors” meetings where employees can ask questions related to COVID, vaccines, etc.  With the Presidential mandate for federal contractors, Honeywell instituted their vaccine mandate and a Human Resources lawyer has joined the meetings to answer questions regarding the company mandate.

This week with the delay of the OSHA mandate order, someone asked a question regarding if the mandate should be found to be unconstitutional where would Honeywell stand. The answer was that Honeywell would continue their mandate because they feel that is the “best way to keep everyone safe and back to work.”

In my opinion the “back to work” portion is the most significant for Honeywell since they’ve been trying to force everyone back from remote work even though we have proven that we can be quite productive while working remote allowing the essential workers to “remain safe.”

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