Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) argues with a reporter over the January 6 Committee and the Steve Bannon subpoena during his weekly press briefing on Thursday.



  1. Why was the house ill-prepared? Answer….. Was the house much better prepared before January 6? Your argument is going nowhere. The issue here is why the house was attacked? who encouraged the insurrectionists? Who aided and abetted the insurrectionists? Why did you accuse Mr Trump of bearing full responsibility?

  2. If the committee wanted to even appear bipartisan they would have had equal representation. Democratic witch hunt. There was no insurrection. If there would have been you would have had someone other than 1 protester shot. Who was shot by police. Doesn't compare to riot's over summer. Many dead, businesses looted and burned. Police stations invaded and police officers injured. Living in streets. Democrats are fine with all that. Ask why when capital police asked for help, none was sent? Pelosi set up.