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  1. These big tech oligarchs and their social media platforms were always a tool of the Democrat party to ban free speech from conservatives, they also ban together to destroy any new social media platform that allows free speech for everybody (not just for Democrats only). Their claims that they want to provide safety to their "community" only apply to the safety of the Democrats and their false narratives.

  2. Maybe it'll lead eventually to prison time for deliberate systemic collusion, committing election tampering and other crimes against the rest of us. If you ruin lilves on purpose you should be punished. As long as we insist on having governments, these companies should not be allowed to operate in a given country unless regulated like a utility.

  3. Yeah these 2 Governors are like new founding fathers. It's a crying shame more of these Governors can't see fit to protect their states, and serve their people. If things don't change soon there is going to be a mass migration, people who don't want to be trapped in these communist states, having their tax dollars squandered for stupid socialist programs. They will move out, and take their money with them. I'm getting out of Washington, as it is gone the way of Kommiefornia, and Oregon. Legal drugs, mass social programs that invite the homeless and illegal aliens here by the thousands. First illegal I meet here that got their $450,000.00 stimulus check and I will go berserk. I'm headed to Idaho or Montana or somewhere I can worship God and shoot my rifles without a bunch of trouble. Washington state sucks. I'm outa here…

  4. Twitter is farming their base like any other corporation would, they're profit maximising so it all makes sense. There's way more mentally challenged people on the left ( study by pew research centre, march this year), such people spend unhealthy amounts of time on social media. great for profits, so they protect them and sensor rational or dissenting opinions, breeding this addictive safe space on their platform. That's what twitter cancel culture is. Same kind of behavior in the food and beverage industry with their use of addictive additives.