The Government announced today that from December 8, it will accept jab records issued by Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and Togo as recognised vaccination records for Hong Kong residents returning from Group A specified places.


The Government earlier announced that it accepts vaccination records recognised under the EU Digital COVID Certificate mechanism as valid vaccination records required for the purpose of boarding flights for Hong Kong from high-risk Group A specified places.


As the European Union has recently announced the recognition of the vaccination records issued by Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and Togo as being equivalent to vaccination records issued by EU member states under the mechanism, the Government will accept such records issued by these four places.


Moreover, the union’s mechanism has also recognised the vaccination records issued by New Zealand and Singapore. Further to the earlier recognition arrangement reached with the two places, the Government will update its recognised jab record list accordingly.


According to the Government’s stringent inbound prevention and control measures for travellers from overseas places, those who have stayed in Group A specified places on the day of boarding or 21 days before that day can only board a flight for Hong Kong if they are residents who are fully vaccinated and hold recognised vaccination records.


In addition, the vaccines administered to travellers must be those recognised by the Government.

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