Fox News senior political analyst highlights the difference between how capitol and BLM riots were covered on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ #Tucker #FoxNews

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  1. Federal agents and DC police and DC correctional officers beat the January 6th protestors for exercising their Constitutionally protected rights. Anyone who commits these crimes against US citizens lawfully are guilty of Assault and Battery, and Federal employees using their power to abuse and torture fellow American citizens should be tried, found guilty, and hung.

  2. The definitions of insurrection and patriot these days depends on to which political world view you hold. To a great number of people the Webster's Dictionary definitions of words means absolutely nothing. Words and phrases and their definitions are freely contorted to hide their actual intent from how they sound when spoken.

  3. We all know the ones that instigated the protest Jan. 6 was antifa blm and the fbi. Some Capitol Hill cops also was in on it. They can't fool real Americans. Tucker tells the truth about Jan. 6. Everyone who had a mask on was antifa blm. So these other news outlets are lying when they say it was trump supporters. Why doesn't you tube take them off. Because you tube is a bunch of pussies just like the ones who stormed and planned the Jan. 6 .incident.

  4. How do you remove a tyrannical government, as described in the US Constitution, peacefully when they control the police and military?
    The constitution allows the people to remove and replace when the government has gained more power than the people.
    Other than voting them out, because that isn’t working, how do we replace them without some violence?

  5. Congress raised their hand to defend our nation against foreign and domestic enemies. Congress tucked their tails and ran in the face of the enemy as cowards. One in Congressman stood his ground and tried to help the capital police. So we the people are responsible for our own protection, safety and security but those in Congress should always be safe and secure in the face of the enemy,the criminals who broke into the capital building Then again this same group has no problem sending father, mother family and friends into harms way as long as these elites in government remain protected,safe and secure. Double standards of the elites in our government?

  6. America is no longer “first”, except for military aggressions, number of incarcerations, inequity and inequality. While other developed countries take care of the health and education of their people, America and American Super Christians are fine with millions of people living on the streets, children killing and being killed by guns, young adults in debt for trying to go to college, a healthcare system unaffordable for most… no wonder American life expectancy is so poor. Shame on us!