January 6th is akin to a Swiss Army Knife, a barely effective tool that has served many purposes to the Democrat Party. Each function has found itself a niche use within the narrative spun by those who seek only to remain in power, a One Party system henceforth referred to as “The Party”. Being Marxists, the name is befitting.

The first purpose of January 6th has served as its primary function: to silence the opposition, and instill fear of retribution by Law Enforcement for speaking out against ”The Party”, and to slander Conservatives as racists, terrorists and insurrectionists.

The second purpose of January 6th is to solidify the notion that the 2020 election was devoid of fraud.

The third is to secure funding for, and to expand Federal Law Enforcement.

The fourth is to weaponize the Department of Justice against Constitutionally protected militia groups, undermine their legitimacy, use fear to prevent new members from joining and to encourage old members to quit so as to further erode the 2nd Amendment.

The fifth is to make a spectacle of Republican leadership by dragging them before Congress in the Jan 6 Select Committee.

The sixth and most desired affect of January 6th is to attack Donald Trump, impeach him, and attempt to bar him from reelection in the future.

Each of these uses has allowed January 6th to serve the narrative of ”The Party” successfully and has been allowed to persist unabated. The truth about January 6 has still yet to be fully understood by America.

My name is Jessica Watkins, and I am a January 6th defendant. I have been incarcerated nearly a year for crimes I did not commit, so as to serve as a pawn for ”The Party” to exploit. And exploit they have.

When I was 18, I joined the Army and served as a Paratrooper in a Ranger Battalion and served in Afghanistan in 2002. After the Army, I felt a need to serve but did not return to the military and instead joined a Fire Department where I served as a Firefighter, EMT, and…

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