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Acting head of Homeland Security resigns as turmoil continues over immigration policy

WASHINGTON (AP) — Facing bipartisan pushback to his immigration shake-up, President Donald Trump said Tuesday he’s not looking to revive the much-criticized practice of separating migrant children from their families at the southern border. At the same time, he suggested the policy had worked to deter migrants from coming into the U.S., although he offered no evidence to...

Julian Assange news: Wikileaks say new case against founder in Ecuador embassy London | World | News

The organisation said they will be holding a press briefing at 11am GMT today to give further details. Mr Assange has been inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for nearly seven years to avoid extradition to Sweden and the US. The email said: “WikiLeaks will be holding a press briefing about a new, wholly unexpected, criminal case involving...

Howard Schultz’s sole purpose is to get Trump re-elected: Juan Williams

“The Five” co-host Juan Williams called possible presidential candidate and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz “irrelevant” Tuesday, saying that the “only purpose he serves” is to get President Trump re-elected.“Howard Schultz, goodness gracious, he is so irrelevant to this whole conversation except when it serves your purpose, because guess what? He's not even running as a Democrat,” Williams...

Donor Privacy: States Need to Ensure It to Protect Freedom of Speech

Mississippi governor Phil Bryant during an election night party in Jackson, Miss., November 27, 2018 (Jonathan Bachman/Reuters) Mississippi has joined Arizona in passing helpful legislation. The record of other states is not so good. Private citizens should not be subjected to government harassment for supporting causes they believe in, and charities should not have to worry about their funding drying up...

Sanders says he’s a millionaire, vows Tax Day release of his returns

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., announced Tuesday that he'll release 10 years of tax returns on Monday -- filings expected to show that the Democratic socialist made millions from book sales.Sanders told The New York Times in an interview published on Tuesday that he hopes that his release will make President Trump more inclined to follow suit.Both men have pushed back on the issue...

Sudan protests: Why a photo of a woman chanting went viral

A woman leads protesters Monday in in Khartoum, Sudan, in a chant calling for revolution. (Lana H. Haroun) It’s a stunning image. A crowd of Sudanese protesters — mainly women — necks craned, phones held up to capture the moment, looks toward a young woman standing on top of a car....

Chick-fil-A Bans: Progressives Want to Silence Religious Believers

(Rashid Umar Abbasi/Reuters) Progressive corporations and governments are increasingly using power to attempt to expunge disfavored ideas from the public square. Every single time I grow even slightly more optimistic about the state of American polarization and the prospects for true American tolerance, I get disappointed. Every time I think that we could perhaps see the light at the end...

McConnell blasts ‘Medicare for All’ as ‘far-left social experiment’

WASHINGTON – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., spoke out in harsh terms against “Medicare for All’’ Tuesday at the American Hospital Association (AHA) conference in Washington, D.C.McConnell called the proposal, backed by the Democrats' progressive wing, a “radical, one-size-fits-all attempt to remake the health sector.”He described it as a scheme and told hospital industry leaders that it would be serious bad...

UC Berkeley Easter-Egg Hunt: Parents Must Sign Waiver Due to Kids’ ‘Risk of Death’

A young child participates in the White House Easter Egg Roll in Washington, D.C., April 2, 2018. (Carlos Barria/Reuters) What’s next, a waiver to allow kids to meet Santa at the mall? Children were not allowed to participate in an Easter-egg hunt at the University of California, Berkeley without their parents’ first signing a waiver — due to the apparent...

Trump denies reports he will reinstate family separation border policy

Senior administration officials told CNN's Jake Tapper that in the last four months or so, the President had been pushing then-Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to enforce a stricter and more widespread "zero-tolerance" immigration policy -- not just the original policy started by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions and undone by the President once it was...
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