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CNN Reporter Gleeful About English anti-Trump Protests

CNN Reporter Gleeful About English anti-Trump Protests

The establishment media couldn’t stump the Trump, the US politicians couldn’t derail the Donald’s campaign, and the purple-haired feminists couldn’t put a chink in his armor with all that screaming. Still there is one last hope. The petty pranksters and irreverent humorists in the UK have sworn to give the U.S. president the “trolling of a lifetime.”

Should we start waving the white flag now, or wait until we’ve witnessed the firepower of their fully armed and operational Trump baby blimp?

Rob Crilly, a British reporter living in New York and working for CNN, wrote a little piece for the news outlet on Thursday morning, claiming that when Trump gets to the UK, he will be in for a rude awakening. Quite gleeful about the prospect of making fun of a foreign world leader, Crilly said that this was to be the ultimate opportunity to take all the frustrations over their own failing state, and channel it into unbridled heckling towards the U.S. president.

Um, isn’t that the exact description of a temper tantrum?

Crilly wrote, “The British government is in crisis, the Prime Minister is losing ministers on what feels like a daily basis and the country riven by arguments about how — or even whether — to leave the European Union.”

Yes, it has clearly been a troubling situation for Great Britain as of late. Still, the best idea this CNN reporter can come up with is to shout at and verbally harass the man who has actually found solutions for his nation’s problems. Not to mention, he was also a vocal advocate for the British people and their Brexit vote.

“What better time to turn our collective angst outwards, with the delicious distraction of a world leader more ridiculous than our own sorry bunch?”

How adult.

“There will be no escape,” Crilly wrote. “Even if Trump manages to break his TV habit and even if his schedule has been carefully arranged to minimize time in London, he will be unable to miss the jibes.”

Quite right. Donald may see the carefully planned insults and effete mockery from a snobby citizenry, but did all the English people forget that Donald Trump has become accustomed to this on a minute-by-minute basis? They have chosen the least effective weapon against the current president, and considering the sorry state of their own affairs, will proceed to make themselves look like even bigger idiots on the world stage.

Crilly, justifying his petulant anger, continued, “Trump is the perfect outlet, representing as he does the qualities that so many of us associate with Americans. He’s loud, wealthy and utterly lacking in any sort of class. He is a throwback to the line popular about Yank soldiers in Britain during World War Two: “Oversexed, overpaid and over here.”

Ah yes, the classic derogatory line about the Yanks. Either way, the US has gone through great perils to aid the British people, and regardless of how Brits welcome our president, we will continue to provide our support.

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