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Lady Gaga calls Mike Pence ‘worst representation’ of Christian

Lady Gaga calls Mike Pence ‘worst representation’ of Christian

At her Las Vegas show, “Enigma,” Lady Gaga said, “I am a Christian woman” and Vice President Mike Pence is “wrong.” The outspoken singer paused during a performance of “Million Reasons” Saturday to address the government shutdown and call out the nation’s top leaders, including President Donald Trump.

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  1. Jaice04

    These celebrities honestly need to stop expressing their political beliefs in front of these deluded crowds. She claims she’s a Christian, but look at what she is wearing. This is pathetic. She has little to no knowledge of Christianity. She claims that Christianity accepts all people, which it does, but that does not mean that these people can continue indulging in prior sins. Homosexuality is directly condemned in the Bible. Saying you’re a gay Christian is like saying you’re a Jewish nazi.

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