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Sheriff: Multiple dead after shooting at Maryland newsroom

Sheriff: Multiple dead after shooting at Maryland newsroom

Multiple people are dead after a shooting in the newsroom of the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, according to the county sheriff.


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  1. Magnificent Jackson

    Why is the world so bad must it be this way there are horrible people out there and mostly kids are seeing this most people in there school are seeing theses and might be thinking "I really hope this does not happen to my school" why can't our world be better. Bad things are happening in our world separating families, school shooting, suicide. So let's try to make our world better we need our world to be better( plz don't bring any hate towards me if you have a problem this is just my opinion.

  2. TaoHK

    And this is where we are going to blame guns right? Not because they produce fake news but it’s the gun fault that the person decided to shoot people. Ok sjw fags and the fags on the left speak out and blame the guns and trump

  3. SanaSana

    Looks like the media is getting the outrage they've been hoping for. A bit ironic that it's directed back at them. Maybe this will send a wake up call to journalists. Unfortunately, I have 0 sympathy for anyone in media.

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