Journey to an independent life

There is a newly emerging technology that will change the life of many. So it happened to me when blockchain technology was introduced to me by a friend of mine. The term blockchain will be soon just as well known as internet, website or webpage is currently, and it will determine most of



"Never be afraid to do the things that make you feel free."

Uncertainty is all around us, never more so than today. Everyone around the world had to face challenges in one or the other way in the past year, while it's our human nature that craves security.

Changes always come in life with a feeling of discomfort and so it happened to me when I was compelled to take a temporary leave at work and I had to confront my deepest fears and master my gloomy thoughts of financial insecurity. Fear and uncertainty always left me feeling stressed, anxious, and powerless over the direction of my life...Up until that moment. Last winter however, something changed inside me. Instead of it draining me emotionally and trapping me in a downward spiral, this situation has brought me to the realization of my creative power. I suddenly recognized that my mindset is the key. So I started to envision a better life for myself and my family and tried to let go of all the anxiety. And so I started to enjoy freedom. I realized I never want to let my life be controlled by others anymore.

The beauty of my story is that as I kept this vision and I embraced the feeling of being independent of the system, solutions have started to show up in my life. And a mind-blowing opportunity happened to be introduced to me by a friend of mine. This is how I found CrowdPoint Technologies, a company with a cause. Along with a group of amazing people, all working for the same vision. make this world a better place. I found myself spending my last penny investing in an opportunity, that I could not even wrap my head around. I just followed my instincts. And my instincts never lie. With each passing day, I become more and more confident that I've made the right decision. Within CrowdPoint Advanced Medicine Exchange I'm surrounded and work together with a group of people, all focusing on the right mindset. Instead of competing with each other, they all care for the success of the whole and support one another. And yet, this would not be possible without our leaders, that all have proven to have a servant leader heart. They are the true warriors of our emerging beautiful new world, fighting for the wellbeing of all, and leave us be flood by their generosity and kindness every single day.

So I invite everyone who feels inspired by my brief story, to dare to step out of that comfort zone and take action. Join us at CrowdPoint Technologies and start to build a better, safer, and more independent future for yourself and humanity. Because we are the crowd and with keeping the right mindset, the collective vision, together we can make this happen. Each of us own the power of creation. Can you imagine what we can accomplish together if we all start to use it?

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