My Advanced Medicine Exchange Journey

As an Onkwehón:wè and L’nu Medicine Keeper I joined the advanced medicine exchange because it is a platform amplifying wellness of mind, body, heart and spirit, infused with Mother Earth’s abundant sustenance & knowledge pathways, and the power of our collective energy.


The Advanced Medicine Exchange is part of the CrowdPoint Blockchain ecosystem where Microperneurs are revisioning the sovereign relationship traditional people’s have always had to wealth. A wealth measured by having enough to give away. In this new “shared economy”, our gifts will not be commodified for material gain for some, but rather uplifted for the collective betterment of all.

Our sharing economy cultivates quality products in a global market while prioritizing the performance, protection, and privacy of our sovereign human identities.

This Digital Ecosystem allows me to follow my purpose and path as an Onkwehón:wè and L’nu Medicine Keeper, while generating wealth in the spirit of collectivsation, by distributing and reselling services and products I love in the Advanced Medicine Exchange, while providing digital stewardship to my customers by onboarding them onto the Blockchain. In this exchange of goods and services, they are now able to protect their privacy by creating their own digital identity made by them for them.

This is not a moment but rather a liberatory digital movement.

I am not alone; I am building with 1000 of my newest friends.

So, if you are reading this blog. You are ready to embrace an economic transformational shift powered by the collective energy of humanity. JOIN US in this All My Relations Way TODAY!