How Do I Fix my AOL Email on my iPhone?

Simple hacks to Fix your AOL Email on iPhone issues.


AOL email service users can access their email account in several ways, such as login into the AOL Mail app or use a web browser. Once you land on the AOL email login page, enter the login credentials carefully, and press the sign-in button. Isn’t it easy? 

However, AOL users have been spotted complaining about several AOL mail problems with iPhones. There might be various reasons for it, thus, exercise some effective solutions to fix AOL email not working issues. 


A series of solutions for AOL email issues 


  • Re-launch the AOL Mail app 


If your AOL Mail not sending emails on iPhone, your mail app might be crashing. The easiest and quick way to fix it is by relaunching the app. Close your app and remove background caches, now open the app. 



  • Clear Caches and Unnecessary data


If your phone is overloading with caches and data, AOL mail won’t load. Go to the settings app of your iPhone and clear the caches and unnecessary data files. Besides, to clear caches of the AOL mail app, move to all apps AOL storage c3. aches and data clear caches and data. 



  • Reinstall the AOL Mail app and add your account again


Delete the app and install it again from the Apps Store. Click on the sign-in or add account option to add your AOL mail account again.

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