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Switzerland & Assisted Suicide — Clinics Ramp Up the Deaths

Switzerland & Assisted Suicide — Clinics Ramp Up the Deaths

Switzerland’s suicide clinics continue to thrive. Exit, the largest of these, reported 1204 assisted suicides in 2018. That’s a 23 percent increase from 2017.

Dignitas, another major assisted suicide clinic — to which people from around the world attend to be made dead in what is known as suicide tourism — facilitates at least 200 more self-poisonings each year.

Think about this. Between Exit, Dignitas, and other small suicide clinics, nearly 200 people are facilitated in killing themselves each month, paying thousands of dollars to be made dead. Meanwhile, more than 100,000 people are members of these suicide clubs, a necessity to eventually receive death assistance.

That’s nihilism. It’s also a strong vote of no confidence in doctors’ ability to palliate care and control symptoms — who are, ironically, then turned to for assistance in being made dead.

If only half this much energy were put into suicide prevention.

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