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He Believes ‘that We Should Submit’

  CARLSON: “It has been confirmed tonight, the authorities have admitted it, 60 million American children languishing in their rooms since spring, sitting in front of spring, learning nothing, no isolated from human contact and in many cases driven to mental illness, we can now report there was no reason for any of that.” SMITH: “That was Tucker Carlson on...

Biden’s Coronavirus Advisor Zeke Emanuel Believes It’s Not Worth Living Past 75, Thinks Vaccines Should Be Given to Elderly Last

Dr. Zeke Emanuel, an advisory board member appointed to Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, has argued that living past the age of 75 is not of value and that younger people should receive a flu pandemic vaccine first. In 2014, Emanuel penned an article arguing that the quality of life by the age of 75 had dwindled to the...