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Saagar Enjeti: The IMMENSE Danger Of Biden, MSNBC War Drum For New Domestic Terror Law

Saagar Enjeti discusses how the media is prepping the American public for a Patriot Act 2.0. About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts that breaks the mold of morning TV by taking viewers inside the halls of Washington power like never before. The show leans into the day's political cycle with cutting edge analysis from DC...

New York Democrat’s Bill Would Allow Governor Cuomo To Detain People Suspected of Being Danger To ‘Public Health’

The Democratic Party-controlled New York State government is always looking for new ways to take away the rights of the state’s residents. Their search to remove our rights has led to bill A416 introduced by assemblyman Nick Perry (D). A416 will be taken up by the assembly health committee on January 6. It seeks to amend the New York health law...