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He’s a “Supremely Gifted Preacher”

Former President Barack Obama said that attacks on Raphael Warnock over his connection with the anti-American Rev. Jeremiah Wright are “crazy stuff” as he defended Wright as a “supremely gifted preacher” who was simply taken out of context. Haha, America, joke’s on you! If you were one of the many suckers who were taken in by Barack Obama’s phony baloney...

‘He’s the Genius, You’re the Racist … Remember That’

  Tucker reviews Obama’s memoir: “For the CliffsNotes, Barack Obama is a genius, you are a racist. Remember that.” RUSH TRANSCRIPT: Tucker: This show can report conclusively tonight that former president Barack Obama does not have a self-esteem problem. Obama is still in his 50s and has already written his second autobiography. The new one drops next week with a thud. The book...