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Washington TURNING ON Nancy! GOP Trying To KICK OUT Nancy As House Leader For FAILING AMERICANS!!

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Biden Campaign Threatens to Have Trump Escorted Out of White House

A spokesman for the Joe Biden campaign has threatened to have President Trump escorted from the White House if he does not concede the election. The comments come as reports suggest the President has made no indication that he will concede if the media declares Biden the winner. Trump’s campaign has refused to back down as they pursue litigation in...

Could the ‘Squad’ Replace Pelosi As Speaker After GOP Flips Several House Seats?

Nancy Pelosi has been the subject of some ridicule as Republicans celebrate flipping several House seats in the election, opening the door to a potential progressive challenger for the position of House Speaker. Pelosi’s shrinking majority comes as Democrats were hopeful heading into Tuesday that they could significantly expand their ranks in the House, only to see Republicans get...