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Democrat Back-Up Plan Might Still Bar Trump From Running Again If Impeachment Fails

Congressional Democrats are reportedly considering a back-up plan – a censure resolution against Donald Trump should this week’s impeachment trial result in acquittal for the former President. The resolution, according to McClatchy, would bar Trump “from holding future office over his role in the U.S. Capitol riot.” The Senate impeachment trial began on Tuesday with opening statements...

Lockdown Proponent Bill Gates Quietly Funding Plan to Dim the Sun’s Rays

A project conducted by Harvard University scientists and funded largely by Microsoft founder Bill Gates to test sun-dimming technology to cool global warming is quietly moving forward in Sweden. We know what you’re thinking – this can’t be real. Well, friends, it is. Reuters reports that the Harvard project “plans to test out a controversial theory that global warming can be...

Josh Hawley Becomes First Senator to Back Plan to Object to Election Vote Counts

Republican Josh Hawley (MO) became the first senator to announce he would back a plan by House GOP members to and object to election vote counts on January 6th. January 6th is the day that a joint session of Congress will be called and lawmakers officially certify the Electoral College votes. In a statement posted online, Hawley said he believed...