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Joe Biden compares first and last presidential debates

Joe Biden says the last presidential debate was better than the first. source

JUST IN: Kayleigh McEnany discusses the final presidential debate

Press Sec. Kayleigh McEnany discusses the final presidential debate, stimulus talks, and more topics. source

JUST IN: Kamala Harris clarifies Biden energy stance, responds to final presidential debate

Sen. Kamala Harris attempts to clarify Joe Biden's energy stance as she responds to last night's final presidential debate. source

JUST IN: Trump reflects on final presidential debate performance

President Trump brags about his debate performance last night. source

Presidential Debate, Proud Boys, Claims against Trump…

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Pence slams Biden, Harris in first speech following final presidential debate | FULL SPEECH

Vice President Mike Pence warns voters in Ohio not to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket. source

JUST IN: AOC responds to Trump presidential debate attacks

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responds to President Trump's attacks on the Green New Deal and calling her "AOC plus 3." source

Biden accuses Trump of lying in presidential debate

Joe Biden accuses President Trump of lying in the presidential debate about the Coronavirus pandemic. source

JUST IN: Trump accuses Joe Biden of disrespecting Barack Obama at presidential debate

President Trump accuses Joe Biden of disrespecting former President Barack Obama at last night's presidential debate. source

Trump: "Joe lied straight to the American people" about Hunter Biden at presidential debate

President Trump accused Joe Biden about lying to the American people about his son Hunter Biden in last night's presidential debate. source