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Republican Election Victory That Will Affect The Next 10 Years

A significantly overlooked Election Day victory for Republicans could have positive ramifications for the party for the next 10 years. Yes, President Trump’s re-election efforts have run into numerous problems, but Republicans have likely held on to power in the Senate while surprisingly flipping several seats in the House of Representatives. It’s at the state level that the GOP may...

‘We Have to Collectively Burn Down the Republican Party’

Last Thursday The Atlantic’s Russell Berman wrote a piece titled “Trump Moves Into the Burn-It-Down Phase.” Berman was using the “burn it down” meme figuratively to characterize Donald Trump’s “shocking” claims that “the media had deliberately released ‘phony polls’ to suppress Republican turnout.” But it still seemed a curious observation coming on the heels of five straight months of riots by...

Republican Star Madison Cawthorn Wins, Becomes Youngest Member of Congress

Republicans can now boast of having the youngest member of Congress following the victory of Madison Cawthorn in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District Tuesday night. Cawthorn, at the age of 25, defeated Democrat Moe Davis, a retired Air Force Colonel who served as a prosecutor at Guantanamo Bay. The young Republican beat Davis by a 12-point margin.   The Constitution lays out...