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Candace Owens Rips Harry Styles For Wearing Ballroom Gown in Vogue

Candace Owens ripped Harry Styles for wearing a ballroom gown in a photoshoot for Vogue saying, “Bring back manly men.” Candace Owens on Harry Styles Vogue photoshoot: “We have a lot going on in America right now, and I feel like the one thing we really didn’t need is this.”   She shows Styles in a jacket and dress, followed by a...

Kamala Harris RIPS Trump after final presidential debate

Speaking in Atlanta, Georgia, Sen. Kamala Harris slammed President Trump in a campaign stop following the final presidential debate. source

Joe Biden RIPS Trump on COVID-19 relief: "He spent all his time in his golf course"

Joe Biden slammed President Trump's actions on COVID-19 relief, saying he spent too much time golfing rather than working with Congress to pass a deal. source

Jake Tapper Rips the President Over Black Community Remarks, Van Jones Fires Back Trump ‘Doesn’t Get Enough Credit’

CNN anchor Jake Tapper hammered the President for remarks he made about the black community, only to be rebutted by analyst Van Jones who said actually, Trump “doesn’t get enough credit” for the “good stuff he has done.” The exchange highlights a chasm between media reporting of Trump’s accomplishments for the black community and what people are actually feeling...