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Lauren Boebert Slams Pelosi Over Locked-Down Capitol: ‘Tear Down This Wall’

Republican Representative Lauren Boebert released a new ad criticizing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for turning the Capitol into a “fortress,” urging her to “tear down this wall.” The Capitol complex has been fortified with thousands of National Guard troops since President Biden’s inauguration, surrounded by razor wire fencing, and locked down with manned checkpoints. “President Trump built...

Pelosi Stands By Her Man While McCarthy Slams Her For Putting ‘National Security Threat’ Eric Swalwell On Intel Committee

  McCarthy: “Speaker Pelosi was notified, I was not. I’m asking for an FBI briefing now. But if she knew and maintained Swalwell on Intel, wrong. He is a national security threat. He was put on in his second year. I will tell you as a Leader, Intel Committee is treated differently. Why? Because those who serve on Intel...

Michigan Restaurant Owner Crashes Live Shot, Slams Government for Failing to Help Businesses During Covid

  REPORTER 1: “— to overturn Michigan’s highly controversial ban on indoor dining. This as Covid-19 infection rates and fatality rates continue to surge statewide.” REPORTER 2: “This of course follows the lawsuit brought on by the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association. News Channel 3’s Tarvarious Haywood joins us live in Portage with the details on why the judge said...

Trump’s Female-Led Comms Team Slams Media For Celebrating All-Female Biden Comms Team

Members of President Donald Trump’s communications team criticized media reports that President-elect Joe Biden has made history through the first all-female communications team. Media outlets reported Sunday that Biden’s communications team would be entirely led by women, a move that the Biden transition team claimed is without precedent, NPR reported. Members of Trump’s press team criticized this claim, emphasizing that the...

Kayleigh McEnany Slams Democrat Lockdown Rules as ‘Orwellian’

Kayleigh McEnany slammed Democrat lockdowns meant to slow the spread of COVID as “Orwellian” and said it isn’t the American way to threaten people with jail time if they don’t comply. The White House press secretary made her remarks during an interview on Fox & Friends Wednesday. “A lot of the guidelines you’re seeing are Orwellian,” she said. “The American...

CNN SLAMS Nancy Pelosi?! She LOSES HER MIND In Response To Being Called Out ON AIR!

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