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The Biden Administration Signals It Is Ready to Completely Destroy Your Rights Until You Get Vaccinated – RedState Communist China | Wuhan Lab and Covid virus

The Biden administration signaled today that they are going to continue to push the envelope when it comes to vaccine mandates. That came from US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, who spoke to CNN’s Martha Raddatz this morning. According to Murthy, the administration is not ruling out the possibility of expanding the current vaccine mandate to cover small businesses as...

How much is Big Pharma making from COVID-19 vaccines? We’re about to find out

U.S. pharmaceutical companies are expected to collect more revenue from COVID-19 vaccines in the third quarter than they did in the entire first half of the year, and that money should continue to grow. In the first half of the...

Rand Paul CLASHES with witness over COVID-19 vaccines

Rand Paul clashed with a witness during a Senate hearing on COVID-19 vaccines. source


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‘BULLS**T!’ Hot Mic Catches Larry Kudlow Raging at Kamala Harris for False Claim About Vaccines

SMITH: “I love it. And by the way—“ ROBERTS: “Looking forward to it, Larry.” SMITH: “I can’t wait to see how you cover the GameStop story, too. But that growing retail participation in the stock market, I think it’s huge.” KUDLOW: “I’m good with it, but they better understand what goes up can go down.” SMITH:...

Biden’s Coronavirus Advisor Zeke Emanuel Believes It’s Not Worth Living Past 75, Thinks Vaccines Should Be Given to Elderly Last

Dr. Zeke Emanuel, an advisory board member appointed to Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, has argued that living past the age of 75 is not of value and that younger people should receive a flu pandemic vaccine first. In 2014, Emanuel penned an article arguing that the quality of life by the age of 75 had dwindled to the...